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2493 Iteco Component Counter with internal batteries Iteco Component Counter with internal batteries
County operates on 240 V AC and or with its inbuilt NiCad rechargeable batteries. The unit is microprocessor based and can count axial, radial components and SMD taped comp...(more)
(Counters - Iteco)
2678 Iteco Component Forming Pliers Iteco Component Forming Pliers
The Component Forming Pliers has up to 3 different types of fuctions. These include preforming with curl, TO0220 and at 90°.
(Hand Tools - Iteco)
2261 Iteco Curly Cords for Wrist Straps Iteco Curly Cords for Wrist Straps
An extendible coiled cord fitted with resistor. Attaches to Iteco wrist straps.
(Clothing and Accessories - Iteco)
2680 Iteco Cutting Nippers Iteco Cutting Nippers
Specially developed for the electronic industry, these tools are made out a special carbon steel, with elastic, ergonomic PVC handles, in two versions: ESD black (106 - 109 W)...(more)
(Hand Tools - Iteco)
3778 Iteco Desiccant Bags Iteco Desiccant Bags
When you need maximum dryness during transportation and storage of your sensitive Surface Mount Devices (SMD’s), add desiccants to your moisture barrier bag. Desiccants work b...(more)
(Lead Free/MSD Handling - Iteco)
2764 Iteco Diviprint Labeplast Dividers Iteco Diviprint Labeplast Dividers
Made from Labeplast sheet. The dividers can be used within cartonbox or newbox containers. Other sizes are available on request.
(Antistatic Boxes - Iteco)
2766 Iteco Diviprint Plastic Dividers Iteco Diviprint Plastic Dividers
Economical and versatile way to compartmentalise tote-boxes of various dimensions. Ideal for board transport and storage. Made from conductive polystyrene, Diviprint dividers...(more)
(Antistatic Boxes - Iteco)
2762 Iteco Euroformat Stackable Boxes Iteco Euroformat Stackable Boxes
Conductive polypropylene. Tote boxes are stackable in a wide range of sizes and can have any personalized logo or specific writings applied over the boxes. All colours availab...(more)
(Antistatic Boxes - Iteco)
2351 Iteco Field Service Kit Iteco Field Service Kit
The Portable Field Service Kit protects installed electronic components from static damage as a result of normal handling during field maintenance and repair.
(Service and Test Kits - Iteco)
2797 Iteco FIFO Boxes Iteco FIFO Boxes
The F.I.F.O. (First-In First-Out) boxes are useful to administrate the smd spools, loading in the higher slot and picking up from the lower.
(Labeplast - Iteco)
2348 Iteco Grounding Accessories Iteco Grounding Accessories
Socket to plug adapters, clinch snaps, clips, plugs and sockets
(Grounding - Iteco)
2347 Iteco Grounding Cords Iteco Grounding Cords
Male, female, eyelet, banana and alligator-clip ends
(Grounding - Iteco)
2676 Iteco Hand Forming Tools Iteco Hand Forming Tools
This adjustable Component forming hand tool provides consistent U-form for axial components such as resistors, diodes, capacitors, etc. Adjustable pitch from 12 to 50mm.
(Hand Tools - Iteco)
2344 Iteco Heel and Toe Grounders Iteco Heel and Toe Grounders
Made from conductive rubber tape, they are used for earthing personnel where mobility is required such as in storage areas and where static protective flooring or mats have be...(more)
(Clothing and Accessories - Iteco)
2799 Iteco HOBBOX Boxes Iteco HOBBOX Boxes
The hopper-front conductive boxes, for a quick and easy removal of the spools, are useful to save space on shelving units. All the models are supplied in flat-pack form for as...(more)
(Labeplast - Iteco)
3780 Iteco Humidity Indicator Cards Iteco Humidity Indicator Cards
Confirm that your moisture barrier bags and desiccants have done their job by adding a Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) to each package. Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC's) are prin...(more)
(Lead Free/MSD Handling - Iteco)
2515 Iteco IC Dispenser Iteco IC Dispenser
The IC Dispenser is moulded in conductive polypropylene. They are ideal for use in an ESD safe assembly work area.
(IC Storage - Iteco)
2345 Iteco Lab Coats Iteco Lab Coats
Style 3/4 length, unisex, with two side pockets and one breast pocket. 70% Cotton , 24% polyester, 6% Conductive carbon fibre.
(Clothing and Accessories - Iteco)
2789 Iteco Laberack Iteco Laberack
Laberack is an adjustable frame that provides a secure method for storage and handling of mounted PCBs or Labefix trays.
(PCB Magazines, Racks and Trays - Iteco)
2791 Iteco Labesert Iteco Labesert
Made in conductive polypropylene, labesert racks are suitable for automatic PCB insertion machines.
(PCB Magazines, Racks and Trays - Iteco)
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